Friday, November 11, 2011

"All clear..."

I've been silent for too long, but there was a reason: I was on cruise control as far as my health was concerned. Nothing up, nothing down, just day-to-day maintenance as I was weaned off the anti-seizure med.

Well, that's over, with no discernable side effects.

During that weaning process, I had to wait two months for the "final" CAT scan, which was Monday. On Thursday, the call came: "All clear."

I will avoid the obvious reference to "nothing there" re the "all clear" reference. It simply meant that the brain cavity was filled with only what should be there: brain. No leaks and no gasses filling empty spaces. Just brain.


The "all clear" also meant "life as normal," and that's a quote, meaning "as it used to be" BBS (before brain surgery).


So, martinis on Sundays again (though, to celebrate, we kicked off martini night Thursday night shortly after the "all clear" message).

Thanks to all who kept me (and us) in your thoughts and prayers.

All that positive energy from folks I love and respect really did help.

I am forever grateful. For everything.