Thursday, January 20, 2011

A different league...

What the Baylor game proved to those of us sitting in the stands (after braving a snowstorm and slippery roadways to and from Allen Fieldhouse) was simple and clear:

Baylor is in a different league, playing at a different level. The KU women, who have a long way to go to be "that good," were crushed, 76-37. (Quite frankly, it wasn't even that close because Baylor's "scrubs" played a good part of the second half. Once, when I glanced up at the scoreboard, the lineup on the floor for Baylor showed zeros after each name -- no fouls and no points scored, which meant they hadn't played any of the game up to that point.)

Baylor's success (and KU's lack of it) can be attributed to many things...though, it helps when you have a 6'8" center who can play, and play well.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

OK, already, here it is...

OK, I’ve already broken my New Year’s resolution. Call me human.

And I’ve been chided by one of this blog’s loyal readers, who shall remain nameless (but whose initials are Ian Gibson. Oops!).

So, I will renew the promise: if no tome, then a feeble sentence or two, such as these I've posted today, to this blog once each week (usually on a Saturday, though this is Wednesday).

However, as I write this, exists a world that is most distracting, a post card of sorts: a true winter wonderland, with snow falling briskly – at about one inch per hour. Magical and magnificent.

Until the drive home that is.

Ah, but then, a warm fire and a cold beer.

Who could ask for anything more…

…except a bit of luck at tonight’s women’s basketball game at Allen Fieldhouse against the Baylor Bears, the #1 women’s team in the nation right now.

Wish us luck. We'll be there.

The KU women have the talent, I am convinced, but apparently not the confidence. The women’s team, unlike the men’s, which seems to always find a way to win, seems to find a way to not.

Joyce and I made the road trip (by booster buses) to Lincoln, Neb., on Sunday. It was exciting contest, enjoyed by a 100 or so KU fans who made the trip, including my 95-year-old mother and 88-year-old dad. KU tied the game at the end of regulation with an aerobatic, almost impossible three-point effort from Monica Engelman. But, alas, in overtime, it was all Cornhuskers. KU could score but a measly two points, while Nebraska tallied double digits.

Tonight’s test will require a consistent effort throughout from a team that seems to have embraced the concept of inconsistency instead.

Let's hope I eat my words.